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Foot Baths

Claims made by the modern foot detoxifiers are impressive. Not only is the body's positive / negative charges balanced throughout the systems (lymph system, bowels, kidneys, liver, lungs and the largest organ - the skin), but toxins and body wastes are removed as well, as are heavy metals such as copper, lead, aluminum and iron.

Detoxification is possible with a combination of whole foods, proper diet and exercise. The spa foot detoxification baths take the body's natural ability to the next level. The combination of the two helps the body to better accomplish this, as the machine gives its users more energy as well as health through the amplification of its electromagnetic field.

It is impossible to be healthy if your body is full of toxins. This is a broad statement and the terms toxic or toxins are used in conjunction with so many illnesses, conditions and diseases that it is hard to understand their actual relation to, and how they affect, our bodies.

Toxins are real, however, and as they do pose a threat, one of the best ways of helping to improve one's health is through a process known as cleansing and detoxification.

Many think of alcoholics or drug users having to go through detoxification in order to 'get clean.' In essence, it is the same thing, with millions of people in need of the process in order for their bodies to begin functioning as they were originally designed to do.

On average, the foot contains roughly 2,000 pores, which are perhaps some of the largest of the body. It is through the stimulation of these large dense pores that it is believed self detoxification can take place, drawing out the unwanted toxins and ridding the body of them. This is the basis of foot detoxification therapies and methods.

Before the recent introduction of the foot detoxification machine, the most traditional way to detoxify was to soak in 1 gallon of water with 20 tablespoons each of baking soda and sea salt. Actually, this can be used as a body bath as well, using greater quantities of all ingredients. This method works by trans-dermal absorption (put through or introduced into the body through the skin), and renders toxins ineffective by removing their ability to act as a threat, whereas the new foot detoxification machines claim to pull out toxins.

Man has been able to pull out toxins for centuries. Romans around their hot baths worked on much the same principle as a sauna that will sweat out even heavy metals; or the Native American in his sweat lodges. It works through chelation (for instance, two organic ions attach to a metallic ion) and neutralization once this has taken place. Most do not know that sodium thiosulfate - found in many hot springs or other water sources (with that smell of rotting eggs - it's the sulfur), have the ability to chelate and remove heavy metals such as mercury.